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Thursday 13th of June 2024    

Municipal Services Multifamily Services Industrial Services Residential Services
Dear Professional:

I would like to introduce you to Applied Science USA, Inc., a full service Public Utility Contractor equipped to address a wide range of infrastructure rehabilitation and maintenance issues. Applied Science is strategically headquartered in central North Carolina, with a passion for providing innovative solutions at competitive prices. This philosophy was born of the idea that any one product or process will not always be appropriate in every situation.

With our experienced staff and a diversified pool of Professional Engineers and leading edge manufacturers, we excel in the acquisition and evaluation of all pertinent data in order to recommend and implement the most appropriate remediation plan, even in the most challenging environments.

In creating Applied Science USA, Inc., we have combined over 50 years experience in a variety of disciplines in including, infrastructure rehabilitation, waterproofing, soil stabilization, chemical grouting, foundation repair, storm water management and drainage. Our professionals consistently provide our customers with an exceptional level of service and value in industrial, municipal, multi-family and residential environments.

Applied Science USA, Inc., driven by innovation, guided by experience and committed to integrity in all our affairs.

To enlist the help of Applied Science USA, Inc., and begin the process of problem resolution with the expectation of complete satisfaction, please contact our office at 252-972-4104.

Tim Hunt
Timothy L. Hunt
Applied Science USA, Inc.

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